Learning Sexy Tantric Massage

For each lesson you learned how to manipulate a specific point of the body with tantric massage for each learning the benefits that this could bring. http://rnorgan.com/ For example, the tantric massage to help the little moments when he coughs, tantric massage the belly to relieve swelling or constipation, that the face to loosen the deposits of colds. In short, attending this course I learned some really useful tantric massage techniques that I use to this day. To this must be added the fact that being with other moms and share experiences and concerns is really nice and have a midwife available it is even more. http://massageyourpartner.com/ In addition to speaking of tantric massages are in fact managed to steal a lot of advice given by those who, in addition to having studied with some experience in the field of neo tantra. The need to participate in these courses is minimal, a towel to support the small and an oil to tantric massage. The positive thing that I noticed right away is that my lover very much appreciated being stroked and massaged, so much so that I repeated it in the evening after the bath. The very reassured and made him take long sleep .... I speak of the past because now, hold it to tantric massage it really has become a titanic!! If you are undecided then, do it, do it, do it! And first of all inquire in clinics where the lessons are free! I like:

Tantric massage and Ayurvedic Centre Surya Integrated Therapies

I studied Zen-tantric massage In European Institute of Rome according to the method devised by Shizuto Masunaga. Graduating in 1996 after four years of study and practice. This style of tantric massage combines the theory and practice of Zen philosophy with the concepts of tantric massage, making it the supporting base of the whole teaching. It is based on the study of traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine, physiology and the energy meridians of acupuncture, revised in the light of the concepts of modern psychology. A tantric massage treatment is a real journey within our energy system, where you will experience levels of awareness and relaxation of highly rejuvenating. The Ayurvedic tantric their site massage, or Abyangam, is the tantric massage Ayurveda ancient Indian discipline that considers and treats man as a whole, indivisible body, mind and spirit. The purpose is to restore harmony between the three doshas, or the three fundamental principles at the basis of human physiology and the nature of the imbalance which causes discomfort and diseases. There are three types of tantric massage: tantric massage Vata "heavy", Pitta tantric massage "sweet", and soothing tantric massage Kapa "dynamic", slimming and draining. The Ayurvedic tantric massage slows aging and degenerative processes, strengthens the immune system, exerts a detoxifying effect, calming and restorative, improving resistance to stress and solving the problems associated with insomnia, depression and fatigue. Suitable for people of all ages, provides the use of oils Ayurvedic specific.

The Deep Tissue Tantric Massage Or: How To Eliminate Toxins

This technique was created by Mrs. Dicke, physical therapist, who first realized the connection between reflex zones and connective devices / organs. (the structure of the connective tissue attached an extensive documentation). The maneuvers are essentially of two types: hook and debridement, performed with very little oil. There is a deep tissue tantric massage "doctor" and an "aesthetic" well represented which, although sometimes a bit painful, provides a redefinition of the skin profile thanks to the intense "drainage" of the subcutaneous connective tissue. The connective tissue. By this term is meant in general, a tissue in which the cells are not leaning against each other, but are separated by intervening material, produced by the cells. http://uvvoka.com/ The cells are then immersed in a gelatinous matrix (colloid in state "sol" ), said basic substance. This substance or matrix, is made up of liquid (water), minerals, ions, glycoproteins and filamentary elements: the elastic fibers and collagen fibers. The cells that form the connective tissue are: - fibroblasts - histiocytes - mast cells - Plasma cells (see "Structure of the dermis") Depending on the relationship between cells and the basic substance (more or less rich in fiber), we will have a loose connective tissue, in which the matrix is more fluid and cells more distant, or a compact connective tissue, with many fibers and cells very close . The connective, in all its variations, is found throughout the body: in the vessel walls, in the pleura, in the internal architecture of the liver, in the sheaths of muscles, tendons is, the bands, the articles dermis. And it is precisely the structure dermo-hypodermic that we will deal with here. Structure of Dermail dermis is the layer of skin below the epidermis, and is see this the supporting tissue of the skin, which confers resistance and elasticity. The dermis is the connective tissue scaffold containing cellular elements and the fundamental substance. The latter, rich in glycosaminoglycans, holds the polymorphous cell population of the connective tissue.

The cellular component is constituted by:

  • -fibroblasts, elongated cells in which protein synthesis is intense, and that produce collagen, elastin, mucopolysaccharides.
  • -Histiocytes, (macrophages) cells with a capacity of phagocytosis
  • -Mast cells, spindle cells, which are site of synthesis of heparin, histamine, serotonin, hyaluronic acid
  • -Plasma cells, home of the synthesis of antibodies, custodian of the immune defense, resulting from the modification of lymphocytes
  • -Cells of blood-borne cells, lymphocytes and granulocytes

  • The fibrous component is formed from:

  • -fibers-collagen, the most abundant component
  • -elastic fibers, mixed with the collagen fibers
  • -reticular fibers form a fine network, and are more scarce